Projects Overview

Wind Projects

Future Energy’s wind farm projects are carefully researched to ensure that the following key criteria can be met at an early stage, thereby reducing the risks associated with the development process:

  • Undisturbed wind flow with strong, consistent wind speeds
  • Relatively distant from urban residences, tourist attractions and major roadways
  • Terrain primarily used for grazing and cropping, therefore minimal effects on flora or fauna
  • Proximity to the electrical grid or suitable grid connection points
  • Easy access to the site and straightforward constructability

Solar Projects

Solar energy data for north western Victoria ranks it among the best in the world for a solar energy project. Apart from the area’s excellent solar insolation, it offers good access to a robust electrical grid, a first class trade training facility at SuniTAFE, and has a workforce and manufacturing capacity readily available.

In 2008, Future Energy established a subsidiary company Solar Energy Company Pty Ltd (Solenco) as a vehicle to focus exclusively on the development of non-domestic solar energy generation projects.

Suitable sites for projects of various sizes with good grid access have been identified in northern Victoria in anticipation of political and economic circumstances aligning to enable project viability.